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Specific Art Goals

Specific Art Goals

February 14, 2013 5:27 pm32 comments

Looking at ways to improve myself lately with more specific goals.Things I Want To Be Able To Draw/Paint

1) The human body, and figures in action
2) Armour, and weapons
3) Animals
4) Gem stones
5) Fantasy Creatures
6) Urban Environments
7) Nature Environments
8) Interiors
9) Robots
10) Vehicles and Spaceships
11) Fashion and Costumes
Things I Want To Create This Year

1) Minimum 20 complete pages of my webcomic “The Tea Merchant” (rough pages inprogress,along with writting and designs)
2) Game Tutorials created By Me
3) Simplified Version of my Witches Racing Game
4) Gem Stone Tiny Paintings. Concept Art for game that invovles Gem Stones.
5) Improvements to website, resume, personal branding
6) Sherlock Professor Layton Crossover Animation (character designs, storyboarding etc)
7) 2-3 second of Tea Merchant animation
8) Pieces for Cos&Effect
9) Turtle Designs
10) Wrapping Paper and Cards for friends
11) One sketchbook for everymonth of 2013 starting Feb (Over halfway done the first one!)

Long Term Goals

1) To increase my freelance projects and confidence in business
2) To improve my over all skill level and confidence
3) To develop portfolio pieces
4) To continue to work and develop my own projects
5) To gain employment in the animation industry
6) To develop good working habits
7) To open my own studio
Other Artsy Projects for this Year
1) 2 knitting projects
2) One sewing project
3) Journey costume
4) Vinyl Figure
5) Goal Achievement Vlog/Podcast

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